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I find it hard to write about myself,i t usually comes out the wrong way or is misinterpreted. I photograph mostly natural things that I find interesting, unique, beautiful, rare, valuable, mesmerising... I care about the future of our sensitive habitats, delicate ecosystems, and our unimaginably beautiful biodiversity that is slowly being lost. I can only hope that my images, along with those of thousands of other photographers, might possibly help even a few more people to appreciate our natural world, and perhaps think a little about how they can help shift our current direction, followed by acting on it.

I fear for our future generations. I know it sounds hyperbolic, but the fight for our collective future is on, and we're losing...

Like the photos? I'm very glad, send me a note and say hello, I'd love to hear from you! But even better, rather than writing to me, write to your local, state/provincial and federal representatives and tell them how you feel about protecting our environment. The more people that do that, the sooner we might start to see changes that help maintain some balance to our one and only earth.

If you operate a volunteer organisation or a non-profit and any of my images may be useful to you, please do reach out and tell me about what you do and how I might be able to help. I happily donate my images to good causes.

If you just like one, some, or a bunch of photos and would like a print, I'll work to hook you up. Half the profits will go to Earth focused charities.

Thanks for the visit :)

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